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All My Friends are Tomatoes 

An avant-gardener esq. scent that perfectly describes how i spent the past 2 years, nervously pruning my tomato plants. Close your eyes and transport yourself to my pandemic garden. Scented with tomato leaf, birch, and gardenia.

 Emotional Affair 

Let’s kick it back to the summer of 2012, you’re in New York City, your life’s a mess, but you don’t know enough to care yet. You probably smell like this. Scented with red wine, leather, tobacco and rose.

Ugly Crying

A moody funeral home scented candle for you macabre weirdos. Let the sweet aroma of carnation, rose, peony, oak, and moss guide you down the darkest corridor of your emotional mind. Dim the lights, and get your sob on...or don’t and just light this baby up so your apartment doesn’t stink.

The Orchard 

From 2017-2019 I lived and worked on an orchard that housed over 100 citrus trees. When the cold marine layer rolled over the canyon every morning it brought with it a sweet and earthy smell that was absolutely unforgettable. Scented with orange blossom and lemon.

40hrs of burn time. Organic soy. Ideal for pet owners, and those suffering from allergies or upper respiratory disorders